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LED display in China

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VISS LIGHTING is specialized in LED display and related products, it is currently the largest LED manufacturer in China.

VISS LIGHTING Since its inception, relying on the technical platform background Huazhong University of Science and Tsinghua University, Institute of Construction and a plurality of photoelectric conversion research base. Based on precise positioning of the LED application industry prospective studies and business strategies to achieve a product extension or photoelectric characteristics, market internationalization, business comprehensive, professional services development pattern.

The company business covers almost all the industry's products, including: LED advertising screen, LED electronic display, LED large screen, indoor and outdoor full color LED display, LED shaped screen, LED lighting and other various models of products, passed ISO9001 certification, CE certification, FCC certification, EMC certification and ROHS certification, through cooperation with international leading technology companies so that our systems products reach the international advanced level. Now the company's products throughout China's 34 provinces and autonomous regions in more than 400 cities, with thousands of customers, and the United States, Germany, South Korea, Britain, Spain, Russia, Israel, India, Singapore, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc.. Many countries have established good relations of cooperation. Extension liter with reliable quality, excellent service and integrity and truth-seeking style, winning the praise all users. The company is committed to becoming a global leader in the field of LED display.

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